About Reckless Youth

Ask anybody. One man symbolized the American independent scene of the 1990’s. One man started a wrestling revolution that raged so long, and in so many places, that an entire generation of wrestlers broke into the independents based on his inspiration alone. He brought the spotlight to indy high-flyers like never before, he co-founded a little company called CHIKARA, and he made the idea of wrestling in small venues before meager crowds into the coolest career choice out there.

  “There’s a reason why the modern independent circuit is filled up with guys wishing to capture just a little of the lightning he kept in a bottle. With an ever-evolving in-ring style that kept him on the cutting edge from Day 1, he was always at the forefront of his profession, without ever once having headlined a pay-per-view event. So ubiquitous and unavoidable was his name, that the WWE had to hire him just to shut everybody up. Even when they were busy burying him in their Memphis territory while the world waited to see his incredible potential realized on the international stage, he never lost a step, and kept getting better. Few could hang with him, and fewer still could be compared to him today. For years, his reputation cast a long shadow over every independent wrestler to slip on a pair of kickpads. And now, while he’s no longer all that reckless, nor is he really a youth any more, the influence of Tom ‘Reckless Youth’ Carter is still felt across the circuit every time the bell sounds.



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